Harnessing the power of ICT

Academic Records Information System


Provides for uploading of applicants’ data, applications processing against requisite admission requirements, auto admission of students (including rejection for non-compliance), registration of successful applicants as well as generation of a wide range of applicable printables including applicants list, admission results reports, admission letter and students lists.

Academic results

Assessment marks entry by the respective course unit lecturers using an intuitive direct entry wizard form and via importation from MS Excel spreadsheets, inbuilt results processing with customizable grading scale, timely generation of academic documents including; exam register, exam cards, results sheets, semester result slips, partial results and Transcripts.

Staff information

Easy storage and retrieval of all staff’s general information using intuitive entry and retrieval features, generation of the timetable while seamlessly scheduling the critical resources, staff payroll management with accurate appropriation of salaries, wages and bonuses as well as application of withholdings and deductibles such as PAYE, Social Security Fund, advances (if any) and other school and statutory deductibles.

Finance and facilities

Keeping student/pupil fees payment records with integrated defaulter lists, letters and SMS messaging; financial book-keeping while enabling income and expenditure management; library management; tracking of supplies such as foodstuffs and laboratory materials with budget support and flexible asset register aimed at ensuring the institution maintains up-to-date records.


Starts at $ 10,000