Harnessing the power of ICT


School events

myChild features a detailed calendar with information about all scheduled school activities and events. The school can provide further contextual information such as meeting agendas and minutes to parents during and after the event. The myChild mobile apps also feature notifications for announcements and reminders.

Academic results and analysis

Parents can access their children’s academic results as presented on the traditional report card with the added advantage of being able to access all the historical performance data from the time their child joined the school to-date. More importantly though, myChild provides comparative performance analysis features that parents can use to gain valuable insight into their children’s’ performance.

Child track records

During the course of their stay at school, children participate in many extra-curricular activities. myChild ensures that parents always get to know what’s going on by availing them important updates on their child’s track records such as health incidents, co-curricular activities, disciplinary records and library utilization.


The forum is an online area where parents can discuss issues of interest. Similar in approach to today’s popular social networks, it allows each parent to engage with one another and the school by posting topics and commenting on other parent’s topics. All this activity is available to the school and indeed, the school itself can initiate conversations by posting articles too.

Staff directory

myChild provides parents with an up-to-date staff directory thus ensuring that they always have access to key staff contacts. Such staff may include their children’s class teachers, house teachers or matrons, the school medical personnel and individual subject teachers. The myChild mobile app provides for placing calls directly to staff members of interest from within the app.

How to get myChild

  • The school signs up for myChild.

  • Parents receive information on how to create their accounts from the school.

  • Parents create an account either through the myChild web app or through the mobile app.

  • Parents can then start using myChild.

myChild is free to use for all parents. Howerver certain premium features are available for a subscription of UGX 12,000 per child per year.