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Package for School Management (PSM)

PSM is a school management software system that brings the advantages of electronic data storage, processing and information dissemination to stakeholders. Through the automation of hitherto manual tasks and routines as well as providing users instant access to all relevant information within a secure access framework, PSM empowers school administrators to manage their institutions with ease.

My Child

My Child is a cloud powered application designed to provide instant access to information for parents of school going children. Available as a web or mobile app, parents may view school announcements and upcoming events, access their children's academic results, view staff directories, view financial obligations and even make payments. Schools may opt for rich multi-media communication though SMS is also supported to ensure maximum reach.

Academic Records Information System (ARIS)

ARIS is a records management solution for tertiary institutions. It is designed to enable higher institutions of learning to process admissions, securely store academic results and compute the overall results. With robust support for the typical student academic lifecycle including dead years, retakes and printing of all academic documents, ARIS is the ideal choice for Ugandan tertiary institutions.

About SchoolMaster Solutions

SchoolMaster Solutions offers a reliable and convenient way of managing information and processes by providing easy-to-use and customizable software. Our software enables schools to dramatically cut down on the time spent on routine procedures such as looking up student and/or staff information, report card preparation, library operations and identifying fees defaulters as well as introducing new possibilities such as comprehensive academic results analysis and full multi-media parent communications.

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Why Choose Us?

“We have used PSM since 2009 when we were one of SchoolMaster's first customers. PSM has been of immense help when it comes to processing results and preparing termly reports. The system has been highly reliable and is now an integral part of our operations. We were impressed by it when we first used and we've been happy to see it evolve into such a sophisticated tool. We've also been delighted with the SchoolMaster Team who have always offered first-class support.”

Mt. St. Mary's College Namagunga

“We took up PSM after several disappointing experiences with other solutions. Our set up is very unique because we offer both Ugandan and two International curricula (Cambridge and International Baccalaureate) at both Primary and Secondary levels. We are therefore, in reality, 4 schools in one. The SchoolMaster Solutions team did a fantastic job of adapting PSM for us so that it works for all the different curricula, levels and classes with their hugely different, yet complex requirements. ”

Aga Khan Education Services

“When we decided to move away from the traditional 3-assessment model (Beginning of Term, Mid-Term and End 0f Term tests/exams) to a Continuous Assessment model, PSM was the only school management solution that supported our preferred approach. In addition, SchoolMaster Solutions implemented further updates at our request and offered superb support which enabled us to switch smoothly. Needless to say, PSM has been a truly remarkable solution for us.”

Light Academy

“ has given the best academic reports we have always wanted. We easily generated marksheets and gave them to the team to enter the marks. After that, we simply uploaded them back into the system. The only small challenge was adding new students who were not on the class list. However, after setting up a network work went on very well. Only four people accomplished the work of processing reports for 2,400 students in 3 days. Perfect, isn’t it?”

Lira Town College

Pricing Plan

Our products and services are high-quality, high-utility and competitively priced


PSM is available as a one-off purchase or as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription.

For one-off purchases, the price covers installation and training while support and subsequent major updates are charged separately. On the other hand, the SaaS option is inclusive of all training, support and updates.

One-off Purchase Option


Software-as-a-Service Option


Per Term

My Child

My Child is available for free for schools and parents. However, there are premium features for both that attract a subscription fee for usage. Use of the optional SMS features also attracts a delivery fee.

Premium Features for Schools


Per Month

SMS Charges


Per Message (Local)

Premium Features for Parents


Per Month

Note on ARIS:

ARIS is only available after customization to meet the customer institution's unique requirements. As such, pricing is not standard and can only be availed after an initial requirements gathering exercise.

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